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Intelligent high side switch - IPS5551T

The IPS5551T is a fully protected three terminal high side switch with built-in short-circuit, over-temperature, ESD protection, inductive load capability. The input signal is referenced to Vcc. When the input voltage Vcc - Vin is higher than the specified threshold, the output power MOSFET is turned on. When the Vcc - Vin is lower than the specified Vil threshold, the output MOSFET is turned off. Input noise immunity is improved by an hysterisis. When the input is left floating, an internal current source pulls it up to Vcc. The over-current protection latches off the high side switch if the output current exceeds the specified Isd. The over-temperature protection latches off the switch if the junction temperature exceeds the specified value Tsd. The device is reset by opening the input pin high.