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0.22UF at 630V "orange dip" film capacitors : qty=15

* ...Always a Money Back Guarantee
On sale are package of fifteen (15) brand new 0.22 uF/mfd at 630 Volt "Orange Dip" Metalized Polyester Film Capacitors. These are highest quality construction ISO 9002 & 9001 certified. As are all of our film capacitors, these 630 Volt capacitors are made by ISO 9002 & 9001 certified manufacturer / OEM supplier to CDE (Cornell-Dubilier).
CAPACITOR Specifications and Features
* Highest quality DME Metallized Polyester Film Construction.
* Highly reliable with "Self-Healing" performance.
* Epoxy dipped Orange Dips, for superior heat, moisture and solvent resistance.
* Non-Inductive / Extended Foil Construction.
* EXTRA Long copper-ply (30mm) radial leads for easy "under chassis" installation.
* Space saving compact size body.
* Operating temperature range:-40 to +85C
* Capacitance tolerance +/- 10%.
* Rated Voltage: DC 630 Volts
* Testing Voltage: 160% of rated voltage for 60 seccond ie over 1000 volts for 1 minute.
* Capacitance Range: All sizes 0.01uF thru 1.0uF (for under 0.01uF our Polypropylene capacitors are recommended)
* Dissipation Factor at 1KHz =< 1%
* Insulation Resistance(min) C=<0.33,RV=<100V:15000Mohm ; C>0.33,RV=<100V:5000Mohm.uF ; C=<0.33,RV>100V:30000Mohm ; C>0.33,RV>100V:10000Mohm.uF
* Superior replacement for paper/wax capacitors in tube radios/hi-fi/audio and guitar amplifiers/TVs, etc..
* Excellent reputation in use for DC blocking, coupling, filtering and by-pass in communications equipment, timing circuits and general purpose usage.
* ISO 9002 & 9001 certified.
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Name & Address: David Cantelon, 6 Ferncrest Gate, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, M1W 1C2

0.22UF at 630V