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AD9954YSV 400 msps 14-bit dac 1.8V cmos dds AD9954

400 MSPS 14-Bit DAC 1.8V CMOS Direct Digital Synthesizer with 1024x32 RAM, Linear Sweep Block, And High Speed Comparator
The AD9954 is a 400 MSPS DDS product that includes an integrated 14-bit DAC and 1024 element x 32 bit RAM. The device has a programmable frequency accumulator that allows for linear sweeping operations. The device is capable of generating sinusoids of up to 160MHz. The RAM can be configured to drive either the frequency tuning word (for frequency modulation) or the phase offset word (for phase modulation). There is a 25 Mbit/sec serial I/O port for read/write operations. The DDS operates with a 32-bit frequency tuning word and has a 32-bit phase offset word. The device includes synchronization inputs and outputs to allow the designer to synchronize the device to an external source, or to synchronize other devices to the AD9954. Due to process and design innovations, the device consumes less than 200 mW of power when operating at 400 MSPS. The device comes in a 48 lead EPAD-QFP package. The device includes a high speed comparator, which makes it suitable for clock driver applications.