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4" tesla coil van de graff sphere hollow steel ball big

The spheres are perfectly round, for some reason that I can’t figure out when I photograph the spheres the pictures always come out oblong, all I can figure is the camera is defect in some way, but the spheres are as round as a ball.
I have spheres from 4 inch all the way up to 30 inch
Please e-mail me for current pricing.
Tesla coil Van De Graff generators
The spheres are made of highly polished
stainless steel with a beautiful deep
highly polished stainless steel reflective as a mirror
easy to attach to any high voltage project!
Can attach to anything, will even float.
Can be used as in staging prop in photography high tech sculpture Art deco, orb, reflective, showpiece, centerpiece, attraction display, demonstrate science project, high voltage, globe, spacecraft, Halloween, gazing, decoration, buoy, float, stage prop, mad scientist, Flying saucer, Star Trek, UFO, ball and chain, decoration, ornament, ornamentation, award, embellishment, mystical, spiritual, magic, supernatural, mystic, mysterious, paranormal, miraculous, psychic, telepathic, model solar system, diving bell, Cannon ball, ghostly, bizarre, weird, ghostlike, creepy, scary, unnatural,
If you plan on using the sphere on an electrical project
I can add this type of nut and bolt
to most all, electrical type projects
This arrangement makes for easy
You must tell me when you pay for the sphere
If you want this Nut & Bolt added,
If you don't inform me at the time of purchase
I'll send the sphere without it.
Be sure to add me to your favorites list