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***H0152 smd 100 pf / 50V 0805 kemet capacitors 4K pcs*

***H0152 SMD 100 pF / 50V 0805 Kemet Capacitors 4K pcs***
PLEASE NOTE: The photo shows a representative reel and not the actual one for sale. In fact, it's a reel of resistors. They kinda all look the same though don't they? It's just there to impart that "warm & fuzzy feeling" that comes from knowing the the person selling you "good stuff" actually knows what a reel of SMT parts looks like and has at least one in his possession that he (or she) could photograph. The reels that I'm offering for sale may contain additional labels, tape, or have damage to the reel or the carrier. I will disclose any apparent defects that I note in my descriptions so please read the description for accurate information regarding the actual reel for sale.
So who needs a partial / NOS reel of Capacitors?
If you don't have your name included at the bottom of your text, then I do not have anyone to respond to do I? So when you don't get an answer, it's because I don't do "hey you" replies.
US Postal Money Order (NOT your local grocery store's)
Personal or business checks will be returned and the item relisted.
I do my best to accurately describe the items that I sell. If you feel an item was not as described, e-mail me and let's resolve it.
I pack well. but uninsured items go out at YOUR risk.