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New o ire controller for basic stamp and picaxe

Popular processors such as the Basic Stamp 2 (BS2-IC) and the PICAXE series fetch each command from memory, decode it and then execute it. Thus, they are too slow to meet the stringent requirements required for interfacing with the Dallas 1-W family of devices.
The ONEWIRE Controller permits a conventional Basic Stamp or PICAXE to interface with up to seven Dallas 1-wire devices, with each device on a separate run. Communication between the Stamp and the ONEWIRE Controller uses RS232 serial communication. The baud rate may be set to either 9600 or to 2400 for the PICAXE with a strap.
This design permits the hobbyist to interface with any Dallas 1-wire device including DS18S20, DS18B20, DS1822 temperature sensors, DS2438 temperature and A/D, DS2423 dual 32-bit counter and DS2450 Quad 16-bit A/D.
Each of the seven channels accommodates one Dallas 1-W devices. This design does not support multiple devices on the same channel.
Additional information including sample routines for the Basic Stamp and the PICAXE-18X are on my Web Site.
Please not that this listing only includes a kit of parts; the programmed 14-pin DIP, 4.7K resistors, a status LED, lengths of wire and a schematic.
(I have subsequently developed a more powerful design assembled on a printed circuit board which is primarily intended for use with a PC or similar).