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Lot 10 tee adapters raceway 3/4" wiremold ivory cable

Fantastic Electronics and Communications Equipment at a Great Price
Never worry about hitting your wires and shorting your circuits again! Organize you cables neatly and effectively with raceway strips! Raceway is a type of wiremold or wire molding that is designed to conceal and protect your cables and conductors while running them inside a room and, with the right connectors, you can run them across nearly any surface.
These tee covers (also known as 3-way tee adapters) will connect one conduit strip to two others of the same width (all 3/4" wide) over a flat surface (instead of dangerously leaving the wires exposed).
Good luck with your wiring project. See specifics below and images above for details.
* Barcode/UPC #: 0-89306-10034-8
* Made by: HellermanTyton (or TytonHellerman, A Spirent Company)
* Made in: The Good Ole' U. S. of A.
* While my measurements and numbers are generally accurate, there is always a possibility of error, so any questions are welcome.

Lot 10 tee adapters raceway 3/4