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Lot (50) 2SC1507 replacement & service semiconductors

Only SEVEN lots of FIFTY of this part number remaining!
We just bought out a long time Phoenix surplus electronics distributor. All of these parts are absolutely "as new", most are aerospace quality, and most are leading traditional American brands. The bulk of the items are unused production overstock. Offered items are not ROHS compatible or compliant.
Transistors and other semiconductors whose part numbers start with "2SX" are Japanese or Pacific Rim replacement devices frequently used in consumer electronics. These older devices are getting extremely hard to find. With new ROHS regulations, their prices can be expected to go sharply up as well.
Offered here is a lot of fifty 2SC1507 transistors. This device is a 300 volt, 80 MHz, 15 watt, 200 ma NPN power transistor.
You can click here for a complete set of 2SX semiconductor technical data.