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Lot (200) electrolytic capacitors 100 ufd 16 vdc axial

Only THREE LOTS of TWO HUNDRED each remaining!
We just bought out a long time Phoenix surplus electronics distributor. All of these parts
are absolutely "as new", most are aerospace quality, and most are leading traditional
American brands. The bulk of the items are unused production overstock. Offered items
are not ROHS compatible or compliant.
Offered here are classic double ended axial leaded electrolytic capacitors rated 100
microfarads and 16 volts DC. Ideal size for general bypassing or decoupling.
Capacitor measures 5/16 inches in diameter by 5/8 inches long .1-1/4 inch long
leads extend from one both ends. May be used for thru-hole printed circuit
boards or can be direct wired.
Markings include " Capar Taiwan 100uf 16V" Black blue poly wrap over aluminum.
Guaranteed usable. Capacitors apparently unused and "as new" received by us as loose
distributor stock. May include minor storage cosmetics. Count may be approximate.
long leaded electrolytic capacitors for direct wiring or pc board use..
of $5.85 for the first lot of 200 and $1 for each additional lot of 200. AZ residents add 8.1% sales tax.
Or email us if you need more info.