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1 1/2" brass rain bird electric cp valve

1 1/2" Brass Rain Bird Valve Information:
Electric remote control valves don't come any better than the EFB-CP Series brass valve. Need a contamination-proof, self-flushing screen that cleans itself and resists debris build-up in dirty water? The EFB-CP's the one!
* Red brass body and bonnet for longer life and more rugged performance at 200 psi (13,80 bar).
* Reverse flow feature ensures valves fail in the closed position if the diaphragm tears or rips. Prevents flooding, water waste and landscape damage.
* Fluid resistor slows flow through the solenoid, reducing closing speed and preventing water hammer and system damage.
* One-piece solenoid design with captured plunger and spring for easy servicing. Prevents loss of parts during field service.
* Low-power requirement allows for longer wire runs without increased wire gauge.
* Manual internal and external bleed.
* Contamination-proof, self-flushing nylon (EFB-CP) screen resists debris build-up. Water flow continuously flushes the screen, dislodging particles and debris before they can accumulate and clog the filter.
See For More Information: http:// /landscape/products/valves/efb_cp_series.htm

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